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The Roseburn has been a pub since the 1880s. A lot of the original fixtures remain. It consists of the public bar, the lounge and the jug bar or fly half. The public bar is split into 3 sections by partitions, these sections are called trap 1, trap 2 and trap 3.

Old Roseburn Bar
Roseburn Bar Lounge

© Michael Slaughter

Each trap is like a different pub in itself with many customers sticking to certain areas, this can lead to some healthy rivalry. Many moons ago women were only allowed in the jug bar, they were served through a hatch leading from the bar, there was no female toilet!

Today, The Roseburn is a busy pub with great atmosphere and really popular with locals. We are a perfectly located hub for rugby and football fans from Murrayfield & Tynecastle stadiums.

We hope to see you soon!

Roseburn Bar House Ale
Roseburn Bar
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