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We have teamed up with Glen Moray whisky who just so happen to be the official whisky partner of Edinburgh Rugby Club.

Try from the full range available behind the bar, as well as whisky flights, beer pairings and serves that are perfect for post-rugby celebrations or commiserations.

Get your dram today.


Made just outside the historic town of Elgin, in the heart of the Speyside region, in a distillery converted from a brewery in the late 19th Century.

Glen Moray is typically light and easy-drinking, with red apples being a recurring flavour throughout their range, but with their proclivity in experimenting with interesting cask finishes, there is a Glen Moray for everyone. Try from the complete range behind our bar, and pick your favourite for yourself

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A tradition is born

Glen Moray's story begins as the Elgin West Brewery, which had made local ales since 1830, is transformed into the whisky distillery we know so well today. The first spirit runs off their stills on 13th September, 1897, according to handwritten ledgers, now kept safe in their archives.

Made entirely from local barley, that new make spirit is filled into an unusually wide variety of casks for the time, including Marsala wine casks and sherry casks.


Traditional Speyside character at its very best. The Elgin Classic is a wonderfully balanced and smooth whisky. Aged entirely in ex bourbon casks to give creamy vanilla and light oak character.

Alcohol: 40%abv

Size: 70cl, 5cl

Glen Moray Classic

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Head of Whisky Creation
Stephen Woodcock

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Global Brand Ambassador
Iain Allen

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